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We specialize in the Research & Development of SAAS software + high caliber digital training material for web entrepreneurs. 

Photoshop Masterclass

In PS Masterclass we teach you the most useful & most used Photoshop skills in under 60 minutes. It's the fastest crash course on the market & yet it's jam packed with skills. Each lesson is learn by example.
Coming Soon! for Photoshop CS & CC

Photographers Actions I

In this pack you get 20 stunning actions & super useful actions as used by professional photographers. these include: air brush skin healing, motion blurs, color restore actions, sky enhancements + more.
Coming Soon!

Photographers Actions II

In this pack you get 25 advanced special effects actions that give your photos that extra something that makes them stand out & give them character. This product focuses on color retouching effects.
Coming Soon!

PC Masterclass

In PC Masterclass we help you speed & secure your PC. We show you how to apply a world class privacy to your personal & customer data + how to use cloud to create bulletproof automated backups
Coming Soon!

PC Masterclass Technician

In PC Masterclass Technician Edition we go deeper into fixing the most common PC problems. We give you all the tools you need to do the job. You can use this product to fix PCs for others.
Coming Soon!

PC Masterclass Productivity

In this product we walk you through all the applications we recommend for running our on-line business. We cover both free & paid tools. These are the best apps you should be using for day to day productivity.
Coming Soon!

WP Site Skills

This product is all about getting your WordPress Site ready for business & traffic. We cover Hosting, FTP Services, Site Security, SSL, Analytics, Cloudfare & site backup - so you hit the road running fast .
Coming Soon!

Content Cheats

Here you get simple cheat codes for building online content both in WordPress & modern page builders. Simply paste the codes in your editor to create instantly responsive fully editable & responsive content
Coming Soon!

HTML For Marketers

We walk you through the process of building a super fast & responsive landing pages. You get the exact same template responsible for over $2M in sales that we use in our business.
Coming Soon!

Inboxing Mastery

One of the most challenging problems for any business is getting your emails through the Gmail filter. Here we take you through the steps you need to take to ensure your email doesn't land spam
Coming Soon!

Email Cheats

In email cheats you get my whole library of Email safe HTML cheats + template so you can build your own corporate quality emails. You can build any kind of responsive email you can dream of in minutes.
Coming Soon!

Email Masterclass

In this product I go through the essential things you have to do to successfully run email marketing. This covers Dmarc, SPF, DKIM, Link cloaking. IP & domain reputation checks + delivery & autoresponder testing
Coming Soon!

Affiliate Masterclass

In this product we walk you through the most profitable resources & essential tricks of running an affiliate business. We cover how to find offers, how to check their profitability, what to promote & what to avoid.
Coming Soon!

Launch Masterclass

In Launch Masterclass we go through the exact process of creating & launching digital products, how to structure your funnels for maximum profit, how to find & contact affiliates + how to build an affiliate buzz
Coming Soon!

Sales Page Masterclass

Here we walk you through the process of writing great sales copy. we teach you the formula we use on every single one of our sales pages. This is super powerful formula is responsible for millions of dollars in sales.
Coming Soon!

Product Creation Masterclass

All digital products start with an idea... there are many steps that need to take place before you can turn an idea into a profitable product. In this product we show you exactly how we create & launch products.
Coming Soon!

Shortcuts To Success

Here we show you the steps you need to take to make success inevitable. Join Chris Hitman a digital publishing expert & Jason Chessar a 7 figure business consultant for a powerful success masterclass
Coming Soon!

Success Debunked

This is our advanced success workshop where we go in depth to help you develop the key skills you need to accelerate your success. Join Chris Hitman a 7 Figure digital pro + Jason a consultant to celebrities & business.
Coming Soon!

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