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“To succeed on-line you have to have an unshakable attitude, be better at graphics, IT, responsive web content, email marketing, automation, social media & copywriting. Let me help you get there faster  

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After 35+ years in business & $10M in on-line sales there is very little that I haven’t experienced. I would love to pass on my best skills & knowledge to you… 


I offer bespoke on-line mentoring programs to get you over the any personal hurdles you may have.

Coaching & Entrepreneur Training

As well as the many years on-line experience under my belt I work with  with some of the best specialists in the industry on any aspect of running an on-line business, from lead generation to SEO, PPC, Social Media. etc.

My Skill Set

For full transparency here is my current knowledge levels in various areas of marketing. I work with both HTML & page builders. depending on what’s required for the task at hand. I write my own email templates & I’m a pretty competent designer. 

My real strength is writing great sales copy & putting it all together into fast loading, fully responsive  lading pages. I can easily tell whether any piece of sales copy is written by a professional or an amateur & correct it 

I specialise in the production & integration of getting digital products ready for sale followed by affiliate recruitment & getting product to market without the need of venture capital investment  ‘

Web Design 80%
WordPress 95%
Copywriting 95%
Email Marketing 90%
Graphics 95%
Affiliate Marketing 95%
Sales 90%
Video Production 70%

Platform Knowledge

Firstly I’m not strong in all social media – I mainly focus on Facebook which a big enough monster to deal with – I manage various groups & pages.  I have worked with a large number of platforms. The ones listed on the right I work with regularly. 

Behind the scenes I also work with some new pioneering SAAS platforms that are very much up & coming such as Convertri

Facebook 95%
Gmail Inboxing 85%
Mailchimp 95%
Aweber 85%
Get Response 90%
Photoshop 95%
Dreamweaver 95%
Camtasia 70%

What I can do for you...

I work at different price points depending on the level engagement you require..

Bespoke Corporate Training Packages

I offer customised corporate training packages  where I teach various aspects of digital marketing such as: web graphics,  content creation, email marketing & copy-writing. I’m also well connected to experts in other areas such as: SEO, PPC Youtube + Facebook marketing.  

1 to 1, group coaching & mentoring sessions 

I offer personal, group coaching & mentoring sessions depending on the level of assistance you require. One to one mentoring is obviously a bit more expensive than group sessions. I offer this in very limited numbers to keep the standard high & provide value to customers  

Personal Coaching - 2 Coaches for the Price of 1

I work together with Jason Chessar a top business growth specialist & supplier of services to celebrities like Justin Bieber & Lennox Lewis Together we’ll make a decision to see if the coaching we offer is the right fit for you & which coach is best for you. In group sessions you’ll be working with both of us. 

Bespoke Digital Training

I have a wide range of skills & experience from content creation, copywriting, hosting/website security, product launching, affiliate recruitment, sales & marketing personnel training. I create a bespoke training based on your individual needs
Coach: Chris Hitman
Coming Soon!

Group Coaching

In group coaching we meet for a 2 hour video sessions once per week for 12 weeks with a maximum of 12 students. Our job as coaches will be to look at what you are doing, offer suggestions for improvement & show you better alternatives.
Coaches: Chris Hitman & Jason Chessar
Coming Soon!

1 to 1 Coaching & Mentoring

In one-to-one coaching we look at your business, life & relationships.We identify the problems areas help you make an action plan & work with you for 6-12 months on weekly video sessions to help you achieve your goals.
Coaches: Chris Hitman or Jason Chessar
Coming Soon!

JV & Product Launch Consultancy 

If you are developer looking to launch your amazing new software or an expert looking to launch your latest training I can help you as a sales consultant, copywriter & with affiliate recruitment so you get maximum revenue & traffic on your product launch. 

Get In Touch...

If you have a product you want me to look at or you need personal or group consultancy or training –  feel free to contact me 


“Digital Marketing is a high turnover industry. Every 12 months there’s a new set of faces to replace the last lot that disappeared somewhere. I’ve known Chris over five years now and he is one of the few people to survive the test of time and grow as the industry evolves.”

Andrew Fletcher - CEO of

"Let me help you tackle your biggest challenges & exceed your goals."


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