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A Little About Us...

Our company stared In April 2020 to research & develop new digital products for website tracking/productivity + teach new entrepreneurs digital product creation & marketing.

Since becoming a pro I’ve run a team that has sold over $10 Million of products on-line, I work with top consultants & CEOs. As a coach I’m confident I can fast track you to success

In 2009 conventional business models & advertising methods were dying & every sensible business was going on-line. What I didn’t know then was how fast things were changing, what exact skills I would need to sell anything on line & how lengthy & difficult that journey would be before I made a dime on line.. 

Over 6 years I learned the foundation skills of digital marketing, starting from implementation of bullet proof IT systems, best cloud storage, data security, hosting websites, website security & maintenance as well as the importance of using the right tools & service providers. 

Next I mastered web graphics, HTML & digital content creation to the levels required to make professional web content & build websites fast. Making web content however, was just the beginning of the journey. 

Content of course is irrelevant if you haven’t got the the ability to position your products in the market, write great sales copy, to script engaging sales videos & create an irresistible offer. I spent many years creating sales material, learning best marketing practices & split testing until I developed my own formula for creating consistently powerful sales material which I teach today.      

The final piece of the puzzle for me was creating digital products & selling those using affiliate traffic which meant learning affiliate recruitment, affiliate platforms, shopping carts & digital content security & the merchant processing minefield

As you can see this process took a long time… time which I’m confident I can save you.

Our Services

Here are some of the popular service I offer


Where you have reached a certain level of your career or business & find it hard going forwards you are probably missing some experience to get you past the final roadblocks. I can help you with some personal/group coaching or as a JV partner. 


If you are getting stuck in your daily tasks & then you need extra knowledge. I cover a broad range of essential skills such as: IT, graphics, content building, copywriting, launching & selling digital products. I offer a simple & comprehensive training portfolio.  


Feel free to get to know me a little. I write many reports on different aspects of digital marketing & different problems that arise in the industry. You are welcome to download  my reports & try some of my solutions & recommendations 

What Others Say About Me

Here’s a few of words from my business colleagues…

” Chris has been a copywriter I have both admired and learned from for a number of years, he is incredibly capable of creating a buzz and engages his audience within a matter of seconds no matter what the hook! Copywriting is a science and Chris has mastered it beautifully.  “

Richie Nolan

Sales Consultant to Celebrities

” Chris is always trying to improve the IM environment by bringing attention to the products and vendors that are not doing right or maybe doing things unethically. His intention is to try to make a safer environment for his, and for that matter everyone’s business landscape..  “

Curt Crowley

CEO @ CrowleyLink

” Chris is straight shooter, a ‘no-nonsense’ guy, and one of the most honest and transparent guys I’ve been fortunate to meet and do business with. He reached out when I needed help, pulled me out of a black-hole, which ultimately resulted in us both doing a 5 figure joint promotion.  “

Stefan Van Der Vlag

CEO @ Clever Messenger

My story

In 2009 my 7 Figure IT business of 10+ years was hit by the recession & I saw everything I built pretty much disappear. I had to make critical changes to keep my family home & put food on the table. I knew the business world was changing & everything was moving on-line. It took me 6 years of studying, helping out digital companies & working in the digital product creation & marketing sector before i went professional.

Working in this field allowed me to meet great experts and master many of the skills that are vital for running a web business today such as: digital product creation, copywriting, affiliate recruitment, graphics, video production, email marketing. affiliate platforms, product launching, content protection + much more. I now act as a launch consultant & JV broker for new pioneering products. 

"Let me help you tackle your biggest challenges & exceed your goals."


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